NIght Talk (Graywolf, 1997)

Evie is white and Janey Louise is black, and in the Deep South of the fifties, they should never have become friends. But absent fathers, and circles of love and dependence between their mothers, have created a powerful bond between the girls. Segregation, rape, riots, and family tragedy can not alter their affection, although the inevitable strains of racial injustice and intolerance routinely cast new shadows unto their relationship.

Elizabeth Cox tells a moving story about two girls who, though they grew up in the same house, reflect the alternate realities of white and black society. They are influenced by both the massive social changes sweeping the country during the Civil Rights years, and by our extraordinary human capacities for fear and hate and love. But in the end, it is the world they share under cover of darkness, through their candid nighttime conversations, that proves to be the strongest force of all.

Winner of the 1998 Lillian Smith Book Award for Fiction.